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Biggies House         Rules

If you adopt  a dog from Biggie Smalls House of Chi that means you are agreeing to the following rules:


We are Inside dogs. 

You understand that you are adopting an Inside dog. This means your dog will never be kept outside or let outside unsupervised. 


We Need Regular check ups!

You agree that you will take your dog for routine vaccinations and seek veterinary care for them if they become sick or injured. 


You agree that you will not rehome your dog.

We understand that sometimes unforeseen things happen in life. If you need to surrender your dog for any reason or you become unable to care for your dog, you agree you will return your  dog  to us here at Biggie Smalls House of Chi. 


You understand that we don't adopt to homes where there are children under twelve. 

Senior dogs tend to prefer quieter homes with softer hands.  We want to insure their happiness and yours.

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