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Biggie's House Alumni

Happy Tails of Adoption 

Our Story

Biggie Smalls House of Chi was inspired by a senior Chinese crested angel named Higgins. Higgins was a  senior rescue who came into my life on his last legs, stole my heart, and changed my life.  Higgie Biggie was 2lbs of pure joy. He was determined, stubborn,  a real character.  We called him "Biggie Smalls" because his personality was so huge and his body was so tiny!  I was very fortunate to know Smalls. He and I learned lessons of trust, love, and faith together.  I had the privilege of being his mother for almost 4 years. Having him in my life made me realize what great wisdom and love old dogs possess and how worthy they are of having a family with which to share that.  Now I make it my life purpose to unite older dogs with people in need of their wisdom and light. You are lucky to be blessed with a moment of their time. Cherish the blessing.

Past Fosters Who Found Their Families


Shadow adopted by Jerry & Ann

Snooki now Lucy Lu adopted by Lisa & Frank

Vivy adopted by Sandra

Wanda the Wunda Dog adopted by Angie & Daniel 

Lyla Belle Adopted by Curtis & Christi

Max Adopted By Kammie & Mike 

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